Business Knowledge Base

The Trust Network

On the trust network, partners organize mutual trust in each other’s business and personal data in an effective and cost-efficient manner. The Trusted Third Party (TTP) operates a trust network based on the TTP policy.

MYOBI fulfills the role of TTP and manages the MYOBI TTP policy. See the TTP Rules for a summary of the TTP policy.

Accountability obligation

Accounting for the organization of compliance with the obligations of the TTP policy, in particular the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR, is in line with the legal accountability obligation of the European General Data Protection Regulation (Article 5.2 GDPR).

Due to this combination, a user of the trust network applies an integrated compliance approach. The effectiveness of the compliance approach can easily be expanded by adding other accountability obligations.

Applications lead to solutions

With the help of the applications, companies organise their business activities more effectively. Therefore, the business case for companies lies in translating the application into business operations. A good example is the company-specific information ecosystem on the Trust Network, with which a company organises trusted sales and supplier channels.