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This is the documentation page of the MYOBI service desk. Our system manuals can be found here.

Business Service Guide

MYOBI explains the services including the IT and support.

MYOBI Roles and Permissions

MYOBI is based on roles and permissions that are assigned to a user in the system.


Here you can find all definitions. These definitions come from the TTP policy.

MYOBI services

Here you can find all services of MYOBI. These services come from the TTP policy.

News From Our Support Desk

Explore all the news related to our product and services.

What is the added value of the accountability seal?

MYOBI assumes and obliges all companies to express their accountability with the TTP policy in...

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What are the maturity levels?

MYOBI uses a model to express the levels of maturity. MYOBI uses the maturity model...

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What is the Accountability Seal?

The Accountability Seal is an application that allows a corporate user – other than an...

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Frequently asked questions

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What is the added value of asking my partners to use MYOBI. What are the costs?

The electronic identity and representation authority of your partners, for example (potential) customers and suppliers, is determined and the partner is responsible for the reliability of company and personal data. Your partner pays nothing.

Does a judge accept the electronic signatures of a company's authorized representatives?

Yes, the professionals of the MYOBI Standardisation Board (SB) manage the baselines. The baselines are related to legislation and generally accepted references from supervisors, audit firms and IT Auditors.

What future developments can I expect and will this influence the functionalities?

There is an outline development agenda that is periodically consulted for further system development. We are happy to take into account your functional wishes and facilitate you to put them forward. One of the wishes is access to more authentic source holders and another is to be able to manage the register of powers.

Can I request professional support for specific business processes?

Yes, the services of lawyers and chartered accountants and IT Auditors from Duthler Associates and lawyers from First Lawyers can be used. Use the button in MYOBI: “need support” or send an email to the service desk.