What can I expect from the service desk?

The service desk ensures the authentication of the identity of persons and the linking of the role “Company admin” of a company to a person. The service desk handles all common questions and comments. Contact with customers can take place effectively and quickly because the service desk has MYOBI Messaging.

How does MYOBI ensure communication with its customers?

MYOBI informs its customers with newsletters, white papers, elearning and meetings. In the context of confirming the self-declaration by the management of a company, MYOBI seeks annual contact and conducts investigations.

Which professionals help me manage the services and how do I get in touch?

Trained professionals from Duthler Associates and of First Lawyers. Using the information ecosystem, you ask for professional help on call with the button: ‘need support’.

Who can I consult with?

MYOBI service desk or account management. They can refer you to professionals who have been appointed.