Legal Entity Management

How can I purchase Legal Entity Management?

Use the button: ‘join MYOBI’ to connect and use Legal Entity Management.

What is the role of MYOBI at the LEM?

MYOBI service desk determines the identity of the company and the persons in the role of representative authority. MYOBI links the role of ‘Company Admin’ of the company’s information ecosystem to the representative. MYOBI periodically checks the correctness of this link.

The service desk is the first line of contact.

Which professionals can help me build and manage Legal Entity Management?

The professionals of Duthler Associates and the lawyers of First Lawyers are well trained consultants.

What does Legal Entity Management cost?

Legal Entity Manegement (LEM) is part of the MYOBI Trust Network. Costs for joining depend on annual turnover, number of employees and entities.

How do we build the entities with Legal Entity Management?

With the help of the information ecosystem, the person with the appropriate role manages the hierarchy of the formal and functional organization. MYOBI enables data from authentic sources (for instance the Chambers of Commerce) and offers also:

  1. e-learning training; and
  2. Trained consultants.