What is the added value of the accountability seal?

What is the added value of the accountability seal?


MYOBI assumes and obliges all companies to express their accountability with the TTP policy in a maturity level and to demonstrate this level to users of MYOBI and interested parties. This is done with an Accountability Seal Register.

Transparency about the level of accountability promotes the possibility of doing business with each other, whereby it is clear to what extent a Company is compliant with laws and regulations, contracts and its own policy. The advantage for a Company is that liability risks become manageable and administrative and supervisory costs often decrease.

What is the goal?

The purpose of the Accountability Seal is to improve the quality of information provision within an Information ecosystem. In addition, it is important that civil society, chain and network partners and those involved can trust that the Company complies with laws and regulations, agreements from contracts and its own policy.

GDPR certification

More and more laws and regulations require that a Company has an obligation to investigate its chain partners. For example, for the European General Data Protection Regulation (Avg), a Company may only use processors of personal data that can guarantee that the relevant processing will take place with appropriate technical and organizational measures and that they meet the requirements of the Avg. This guarantee, which is further elaborated in the Avg in Articles 42 and 43, can be completed with the Accountability Seal.

Conferment, distribution and withdrawal

The Accountability Seal is issued under the authority of MYOBI and published in the Accountability Seal register managed by MYOBI. The Companies are themselves responsible for determining the maturity level and can indicate the maturity level to MYOBI by means of a self-declaration. Users can also submit a request to MYOBI through a Request for Service to have the maturity level reconfirmed by an accredited auditor.

In addition to the maturity level of the organization concerned, the Accountability Seal Register also contains information about the corporate family and contact persons for obtaining further information. For example, when it comes to data protection, the contact details of the Data Protection Officer are shown.

This is also known as Legal Entity Management. The data can be accessed via the personal data store of an authorized person. In other words, access to this data can be obtained on the basis of permissions that the relevant organization has indicated to MYOBI.


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