Webinar Introducing the Trust Network


MYOBI facilitates companies and individuals to control their company and personal data. Why is directing important? The following two reasons are essential:

  • There is a legal reason for personal data.
  • For business data, it is essential for the continuity of business operations that a company controls its data.

How are users facilitated to control data?

MYOBI asks the users of the network to accept the TTP policy (the rules of the game), provides the users with an information ecosystem and facilitates users in organising compliance with legal and contractual obligations in data protection.

It is essentially about a company continuously presenting itself with confidential and reliable company and personal data to partners (customers, employees and suppliers). In return, partners present themselves to the company in the same way. Also indicated with: “make yourself known and know your partners”.

The TTP policy contains agreements about everyone’s responsibility for the company’s and personal data quality to be shared and requires an accountability mechanism. For this mechanism, MYOBI uses the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, many companies have a legal obligation to know partners before doing business.


In this webinar, MYOBI professionals discuss the Trust Network from the perspective of the TTP policy, in particular, the Accountability Seal Policy and the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR. Building a network of partners in an information ecosystem offers a company a variety of benefits in organising business activities more effectively.