Webinar: Accountability

MYOBI facilitates companies and individuals to control their company and personal data. Why?

The added value of making agreements between partners about confidential and reliable company and personal data requires a compliance approach and an accountability mechanism. MYOBI facilitates this by agreeing on the TTP policy with all network users. The TTP policy includes the Accountability Seal Policy and the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR.

Based on the TTP policy, a company agrees with partners (customers, employees or suppliers) and organically creates an information ecosystem with trusted partners. Making agreements is good but organising accountability for compliance with legal and contractual obligations is better.

MYOBI facilitates its users with a practical and effective compliance approach that results in accountability fulfilment. The accountability mechanism is derived from the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The TTP Code of Conduct GDPR forms the basis for partners to trust each other. The GDPR is about protecting personal data. MYOBI takes it broader by talking about data.

The business user indicates to what extent he can comply with the code of conduct with a maturity level. Therefore, MYOBI has created an overview in which it is elaborated on which requirements must be met to measure itself at a certain maturity level. In this way, there is interoperability between the maturity levels and business users.

The management determines the maturity level and has a qualified DPO confirm this level. Then, MYOBI performs a plausibility test to determine whether other users of the Trust Network can go beyond the established level.

In this webinar, we discuss accountability, data protection accountability and the approach to compliance. In addition, the webinar explains to top management the importance of business operations and helps employees build the internal organisation for accountability.