Can a message be withdrawn?

It is not possible to revoke a message that has already been sent, which will cancel the transmission (and therefore also the reception).

How secure are messages?

All messages sent in MYOBI Network remain within the system. These messages are encrypted when they are sent and only when the recipient logs in and thus opens the encryption from the recipient side, can the message be read by the recipient. In addition, each message has its own encryption code, which is provided by the Business Process in which the message is composed.

How do I know when I have received a message?

The user is notified of a new message in two ways:

First notification of new message
A “New Messages” button is displayed on the home page. By clicking this button, all new, unread messages will be displayed.

Second notification of new message
If a message is received by the user while he is working in the system, an alert is displayed in the middle of the page at the top. It is up to the user to Ignore or Show this message.